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How do I use the spray?

To rid a room of smells, spray a few times in the air and let the mist settle. If odor source is known, spray directly onto/into it.

Is REMBO LABS Odor Neutralizer and Eliminator safe to use around pets? What if the pet licks it?

Yes it is safe to use around pets. Our formula is organic, natural and biodegradable. As a precaution we recommend that your pet not be under the mist as it falls so it will not be licked.

How long is the spray effective?

Usually one treatment of one or two sprays will eliminate the odor. However, if you have a recurring situation, you will need to repeat the procedure as necessary.

What exactly is REMBO LABS Odor Neutralizer and Eliminator?

It is a highly effective fragrance-free and eco-friendly spray that immediately neutralizes and eliminates all odors.

How is REMBO LABS Odor Neutralizer and Eliminator different from other odor neutralizing products on the market?

Rembo Labs Odor Neutralizer and Eliminator utilizes the scientific principle of odor conjugation. The molecules in the spray immediately combine with the molecules in the bad odors changing them to create a smell free environment. We developed a unique Patent Pending formula that makes Rembo Labs Odor Neutralizer and Eliminator unique. It doesn’t mask the smells with fragrances or perfumes, it eliminates them completely.

I don’t smell anything when I spray it, is it working?

It sure is! Our unique Patent Pending formula was specifically developed to be odorless right out of the bottle, leaving your environment free of any smells. No fragrance coming out of the bottle and none left in the air.

Is REMBO LABS Odor Neutralizer and Eliminator safe?

Yes, our product has passed clinical trials and has been approved by a dermatologist as safe when used as directed.

Is REMBO LABS safe to use near or on fabrics?

Yes. REMBO LABS Odor Neutralizer and Eliminator can be sprayed on all fabrics that are not normally stained by water. If you suspect that a smell is coming from a fabric, you can feel confident to spray the fabric and make sure the entire area gets sprayed with the mist. If sprayed on leather, wipe it off immediately.

Will carpets/floors be ruined if sprayed with REMBO LABS?

No. The spray is compatible with all carpets and flooring. However, if sprayed on wood floors, we suggest wiping it off. If sprayed on tile floors the floor may be slippery until it dries.